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GVL distributes, installs and repairs the dilution refrigerators made by Leiden Cryogenics N.V. from Leiden, Netherlands, in Germany as well as some further countries.

Our dilution refrigerators are available in a series of cryogen-free versions where the use of pulse-tube-coolers allows operation without liquid helium and where top-loading probes with large diameters (50mm, 81mm or 110mm) permit quick sample exchanges while providing wiring with numerous leads and coax cables.The probes can also be equipped with optical fibers, capillary tubes or optical windows.

Our systems for liquid helium range from the MICROKELVIN (insert diameters: 32mm, 50mm, 75mm) for use e.g. in a storage dewar to the medium-sized MINIKELVIN (insert diameters: 126mm, 200mm) up to the large DRS (insert diameter: 222mm) with or without top-loading capability.

The Model MICROKELVIN has a plastic dilution unit allowing its use in the bore of large field magnets (one unit is currently operating in a 27T hybrid magnet, others are used with pulsed field magnets up to 60T).

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